Iceland Filmmaker

Iceland holds a very special place in my heart, it is a place of wonder and a visual delight of perfect landscapes and incredible vistas. If you have visited then you know just how incredible it is. The medium of film is a perfect marriage for such a dramatic location, I have longed to film an elopement or wedding in Iceland, if this is something you are planning please have a look at my dedicated Iceland Elopement page and lets chat.


Stills taken from ‘The Land of Ice and Fire’  brand stories film


Iceland Dramatic Landscapes

From the dramatic waterfalls of Skógafoss, Seljalandsfoss and Gulfoss Falls to the rawness of the black sand basalt seascape at Vik, Iceland has it all. I am a an Iceland Elopement Videographer and Filmmaker, capturing incredible scenes of raw and natural beauty. There is something uniquely wonderful about this place, sometimes called the ‘The Land of Fire and Ice’.


Stills taken from ‘The Land of Ice and Fire’  brand stories film


‘The Land of Ice and Fire’ – A Brand Story

I was approached by a noted writer and poet to produce a short film for a poem they had written expressing their love for this magical place. Using The Brave Ones  brand stories service I was commissioned to capture the raw natural beauty of the Icelandic landscape in order to produce a film showing their talent. Brand Stories are a superb way for business of all kinds to display their products or service in a new and exciting way. Your Film. Your Brand. Your Story. Working with creatives in their pursuit of showing their skills, film is a wonderful way to display their passion in a unique way.


Stills taken from ‘The Land of Ice and Fire’  brand stories film


To see the full film of ‘The Land of Ice and Fire’ please see the brand stories page and get in contact if you have a product or service you would like as a stunning short film to promote your unique vision.