Glencoe Elopement Videographer

The wonder of Glencoe and it’s allure is one that you must experience first hand, it is not something that can be told to you, it is just some you have to see for yourself. Tamar and Matt chose Glencoe because of this amazing allure it has, a place of beauty, richly defined and wondrous. Filming elopements here as a Glencoe Elopement Videographer is more than just a job it is a joy!


Stills taken from Tamar + Matt’s Glencoe Elopement Film


Scotland Elopement Filmmaker

I consider myself first and foremost a filmmaker, or a storyteller, rather just producing a video of your elopement you get something more like a dramatic cinematic experience that evokes emotion far more profoundly. When telling the story of Tamar and Matt I made sure to capture the intimate moments between them as well as the outstanding beauty of Glencoe, together it creates a more mood driven cinematic story that is more than simply just an elopement video.


Stills taken from Tamar + Matt’s Glencoe Elopement Film


Three Sisters Mountains and Ranger Station 

Some of my absolute favourite locations in the heart of Glencoe are the three sisters and of course the iconic ranger station which always evokes a very strong feeling of incredible beauty and moodiness. They both really encapsulate Glencoe and Scotland with the way they feel and today we had lots of snow and ice on top of the mountains just to add to that drama, we even had the appearance of a new friend in the form of a beautiful Scottish stag!

Dramatic Glencoe Weather

One aspect of Glencoe and Scotland in general can be the changeable weather! Tamar and Matt really embraced it though and it made their final film just that bit more epic as a result! It is really important to embrace what an elopement day can bring, especially the weather as it is the least controllable element, however in doing so when it is as dramatic as this day was really made the day just that more epic!


Stills taken from Tamar + Matt’s Glencoe Elopement Film


Adventure Elopement in Glencoe

The third location was of the cliffs on the Western part of Skye at Neist Point Lighthouse one of the most famous lighthouse in Scotland. This was the location chosen for their vows to officially take place. The incredible moody light that Scotland never fails to deliver arrived in full force just time for their readings with the views of the ocean waves and cliff fronts, truly a cinematic sight to behold.


Stills taken from Tamar + Matt’s Glencoe Elopement Film


Eloping in Scotland

The idea of an elopement to Scotland is a wonderful one, full of adventure! I have made a comprehensive guide to eloping in Scotland to help those planning an epic adventure there, you can read that guide here. Tamar and Matt had amazing fun and that included the dramatic Scottish rain and wind! 


Stills taken from Tamar + Matt’s Glencoe Elopement Film


If you are thinking of eloping to the Isle of Skye or somewhere just as epic in Scotland, please get in touch, I would love to hear about your adventure!