Adventures in the wilds

Watch a 60 second teaser of some adventures, from the drama of Glencoe and Iceland to the windswept Isle of Skye


• Do you work internationally?

Yes, exploration is a fundamental part of the 'The Brave Ones' philosophy. I have had the fortune to film weddings and elopements in some incredible places, inclusive of Norway, Switzerland Iceland and the Scotland. I love that adventurous couples pick me capture their love story, in the epic backdrop of their choice.

• Are travel expenses included?

Yes! All travel fees, hotel bookings and flights are included in the package pricing. Depending on which package you choose, domestic or international, all prices are inclusive of the full expense of travel to that location. I take the pressure of you by booking the hotel, flights and travel requirements so that you don't have to worry about anything except your adventure together.

• In what way can you help us to plan our elopement or wedding?

I can help to choose your location, I can be your guide, your elopement ‘Sherpa’! Same goes for your wedding, if you’re having an adventure with family in that location and you want ideas of where to get the best places, best light and most incredible experiences for everyone attending. I also can advise places to stay for guests as well as cool places to eat or just general sites of interest to explore if you’re staying a little longer in the area.

• Do you do traditional weddings?

Yes, of course! I love a good wedding and it is something that I would never want to stop doing. I use the same approach for wedding coverage as I do for elopements. I can cover any wedding size but specialise in intimate elopements but please head on over to the wedding page section as well as the investment page to check out exactly what I can offer for you, I would love to hear about your plans!

• I hate the idea of being filmed will this effect the final film?

I totally understand! My approach to video is very minimal which means you won't ever really be aware of being filmed. I also use very discrete, lightweight camera equipment to ensure you don't feel intimated or unable to relax. I am also a wedding and elopement photographer and have had more than a decade of experience, so if you do need some direction or putting at ease I am more than able to make sure you totally enjoy your wedding or elopement no matter what!

• How does weather/lighting effect outdoor elopements/Weddings?

We always find a way! it doesn't matter what the weather decides to do on your elopement or wedding day, I have been in the most unbelievable thunderstorms, wind, cold, heat you can imagine and still managed to make an incredible and emotive films for my clients. Sometimes it means dodging in and out of a car or building but sometimes inclement weather can be an amazing backdrop. You may have spotted a few occasions where this happened in a few of the films!

• How many people can be at an elopement?

Modern elopements are no longer the old cliched 'running away to get married away from family and friends' in secret. Instead eloping now can be called an 'intimate wedding' which focuses on just the two of you married in na location that you choose. As a general rule however I would advise that no more than 20 people would constitute an elopement, for weddings we offer a package that covers all the elements of what is needed for wedding coverage.

• Do you offer photography coverage?

Yes of course! I can offer this as a separate item to the video or in addition to it, for this there would be a second member of the team there to make sure these elements are all captured. Head on over to the photography section of this site to see some of the works as well as the pricing page to see what kind of package suits you. The style of photography is exactly the same approach as our films, natural, emotive, dramatic and timeless.

• Do you do commercial video?

Yes, this is something I do for corporate and small business owners. Brand videos, what I like to call 'Branding Stories' are something I am very excited to be offering this year so please get in touch if you have a product or service you would love documenting!

• How do we book you?

All you have to do is Just head on over to the contact page on the menu and send me a message about your plans, I cannot wait to hear about your adventure!